Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blog chronological dis-order

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home home HOME

I saw Mikaela today, had lunch with her and Lisa.
"MO" is back on the boat!
I saw Ty last night & had burgers with him.
All's good now.
I hope you enjoyed the 2,400 mile trip.
This trip is done, stick a shrimp fork in it ;P

Friday, August 14, 2009

..a day or 2, lol more like 4 in Oriental

Well I finally left Oriental. I had to wait until the last of my funds transferred before I could restock. Now I am at the foot of the Albermarle Sound. It'll be a 20 mile crossing which I could have done today but I had already done 44 miles & weather set in. Out in the sound is not a good place to be in foul weather. So here I sit, on the edge of reception (I had none yesterday, last night nor this morning) waiting to do the final day. By tomorrow evening I will be in my home waters!
I sit 81 miles from Norfolk but tomorrow I'm stopping in Chesapeake to see my daughter, yay!
This morning was grueling. I was in a long boring canal. The only excitement was seeing a Bald Eagle & a black bear which swam across the canal in front of me.
I can't wait to get this part of the trip over with..

Friday, August 7, 2009

181.5 to go

I'm in Oriental, NC..
Not long to go now. I'll spend a day or 2 here to restock, work on the dinghy & recharge.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

North Carolina =] & feelin better..

Getting closer to my sweeetie Mikaela!! I can't wait-
310 miles to go. I'll really be glad when the trip is over, I've developed a leak at the prop shaft.. Actually it's supposed to leak a bit to cool it but this leak is more then a little, lol. No biggie, I just have to keep an extra eye on one more thing!!

edit: I'm sitting here looking at the full moon having a few vodka cranberries & watching the Southport, NC lighthouse go around as I'm listening to the Jimmy Buffett concert on
It hit me when Son of a Son of a Sailor came on how fortunate I am... this as the last few days have been rather "trying" at best..
By the way, I'm a Son of a Daughter of a Sailor *wink*
The song playing now, "What if the Hokey Pokey is all it's about?!" puts it all in perspective

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Less than 500 miles to go

I made it to this anchorage just after dusk..
487 miles to go =]
Tomorrow I hope to see some friends in Charleston, I'm just South of there!

edit: I spent the night in Charleston Harbor. Yesterday was a short day- only 17 miles.
I had hoped to see phriends here but a terrifically terrible thunderstorm and a 3rd torrential downpour of the day ended those hopes. Today I have to continue on.
I hope to be in Myrtle Beach by Friday.

I'll have to start working on my "new" Avon hard bottomed dinghy.
It leaks air but, hey, I got it for a bottle of rum & a 12 pack of coke, lol.
Once I get to Myrtle beach I'll unload Scott's stuff which includes the kayaks so I'll need the dinghy operational by then.
470 miles to go =]
PS- HI! to any Chesapeake Sailers from the Yahoo group who may stop by to read about my trip & "what a long strange trip its been"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New L00k to the blog & a day of rest

I arrived at Jekyll Island yesterday evening, fueled up (YAY, no more high Florida fuel and cigg prices!) got some ice and then anchored. It took me FOUR tries to get the anchor to set! Remember "Dude, where's my boat!" from the trip down? Well this is where that happened. No wonder I dragged anchor then. The bottom is just not good here for a plow anchor so I used a Danforth as well this time ;D
Live-n-learn.. That was a big part of this trip; learning as much as I can prior to taking my Captain's test. Today it rained most of the day & a big bad Thunderstorm rolled through. Some of you know just how I 'love' lightening. It's a true phobia of mine.. makes no sense sleeping under a 47' lightening rod then, eh?! It was so bad that the "CRACK" was happening 'immediately' after the flash. This went on for about 45 minutes as I cowered inside with my hands on my ears. I couldn't move except to turn up the song playing on my laptop (I will play for gumbo) & to put it on repeat-
to help drowned out the claps of thunder. "Paul & mike from Tampa" should get a chuckle about that. They saw me cower in a TStorm at Gilbert's in Key Largo & actually invited me into their room to wait it out!!! LOL
I had planned today as a no-travel day anyway. I slept in 'till 10AM! I needed it though as many nights are restless and boarder on anxiety/panic attacks, thanks to the humidity at night. The forecast called for bad weather most of the day so I finished installing my new head!! yipeeeee
I also, as you may have discovered, uploaded dozens more photos from the trip!
Click on the "WELCOME" picture on the left to see them =]
I also had planned on seeing phriends of mine locally but unfortunately it's starting to look like that won't happen =(
The fam reunion is getting closer fast & I have about 125 miles to go still!
Target for tomorrow is SM 643, the Crescent River which is next to the Crighton Narrows.... sounds like something out of the Hunt for Red October! LOL
ps- is anyone reading other then Suz & Ty?
..comment to let me know if so plz =D